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Coal Powder/Sevied Coal Supply

steam coal     We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Coal Powder, Seived Coal(3mm,5mm,10mm sizes). We made it completely dry before loading into pulverizer, so we can get the quality material with low moisture and low VM.

     Sparkguys Offer Coal dust which is created by the crushing, grinding, or pulverizing coal.

Supporting Industry

steam coal     We are suppling coal powder or coal dust for fuel fine feeding industries like all types of Rotary Kiln, Gasifier and all coal consuming, fine feeding industries.

     With the support of our modern technologies, we are able to offer a Pulvarised Steam Coal and Pulvarised Char Coal in different specifications.

Features of Steam Coal Powder

  • High calorific value
  • Low moisture.
  • Less ash content.
  • No need to crush for fluidized bed
  • Are soft in texture
  • Black & lightweight
  • Various sizes and GCV