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Calcined & Non calcined gypsum

SPARKGUYS has separate unit for making plaster of paris with various grades. We procuring raw material gypsum(CaSo4 2H2O) from our authorized vendors. We have separate team for segregating the material in the basis of requirement.

Plastering grade CS120

Our plaster grade pop has 15 to 20 min setting time in general. We have strong technical team and we can customize pop setting time based on the customer requirement without affecting the quality. Nowadays most of the builders switch over to pop plastering on the wall for interior. Our plaster highly bonded with walls and its looks smooth finish on the wall.

Models and molds grade CS131

We have regularly supply this grade of material to mold making industry. Nowadays mold making industry is highly developed and innovate high value added products. We understand our customer needs based on their application. So that we can discussed with the customer before supply and making the appropriate material. POP is the future of mold making industry and companies designing customized structure for their customers to survive from the world competition.

Plaster boards grade CS023

Plasterboards are one of the efficient innovate in the construction industry. We understand this industry to supply appropriate material for them, which is highly binding with the suitable additives. CS023 grade is suitable for making plasterboards, which can be modified to meet specific requirements, such as fire resistance, humidity resistance and shock resistance. We concentrate the surface which is suitable for covering primer or sealer.

General grade CS074

We are making general purpose of calcined gypsum for any application. Before starts the production we understand for what application going to use, so we have to change some of the general parameters based on the application. So that we going to change for application. But for making this grade is suitable for all industry as the sample/testing purpose. General purpose grade gypsum contains very low moisture, 120 degree calcination and 240mesh fineness.

Medical grade CS135

We understand the usage of POP in medical industry especially ortho, so we are dedicated to make this grade for this industry. Plaster is used for casts for injured/fractured borne which is based on the reason for immobilization and the type of fracture. POP has proven indispensable in the non-operative management of not only musculoskeletal injuries but other ailments requiring immobilization as well. POP is CaSO4.½H2O in its anhydrous form impregnated in gauze which has been pre- strengthened with starch or dextrose obtained from heating gypsum to 120 degree C. The hydration of CaSO4.½H2O converts it from powder form to crystalline form which gives rise to cast. This is the process of setting and is an EXOTHERMIC REACTION, explained CaSO4.½H2O + 3 /2H2O → CaSO4.2H2O

Agricultural grade CS016

In agricultural industry gypsum used for various reasons that is, It reduces acidity in subsoils. It acts as a source of two main plant nutrients i.e Calcium and Sulphur. Basically gypsum is used for Soil amendments to improve Chemical and physical properties of soil. It is most commonly used amendment for sodic soil reclamation. It reduces acidity in subsoils. It also improves the water infiltration in soil and helps reduce erosion and runoff of Phosphorus.