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Imported / Domestic Lime Stone

      Limestone is the most important and abundant sedimentary rock and is formed by the compaction of the remains of coral animals and plants on the bottoms of oceans around the world. Limestone is composed of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate) and/or the mineral dolomite (calcium and magnesium carbonate) along with small amounts of other minerals. There are three distinct types of limestone which are defined by their magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) concentrations:

  • Dolomitic limestone consists of 35 to 46% magnesium carbonate
  • Magnesian limestone consists of 5 to 35% magnesium carbonate
  • High calcium limestone contains less than 5% magnesium carbonate

Limestone is quarried or mined then crushed and screened to serve a wide variety of applications including:

  • pH adjustment (Ag-Lime, water treatment)
  • Formulated product filler (masonry cements, ready mix concrete, asphalt, and joint compounds)
  • Raw material in the production of glass, pulp & paper, portland cement and steel
  • Flue gas desulfurization
  • Production of stone blocks

Dolomite Stone and powder

     Sparkguys are manufacturer and supplier of Dolomit Products such as Dolomit Powder, Dolomit Lumps, Dolomit Stone and Dolomit Mines.

     We provide high quality Dolomit Stone that is slightly soluble in water. Our Dolomit Stone is also considered extremely efficacious carbonate rock, which is used for several purposes in construction and many industries.

     We people manufacturing of calcine dolomite, dolomite chips (0 to 04, 2 to 6, 3 to 10, 10 to 40 mm) based on our client's requirement.

     We are offering wide range of Dolomit Powder and these ranges of products are ideally utilized in different assortment of production industries like detergents, paints, plastic compounds and many more.

Calcite Powder

     We offer natural calcite powder, which is a natural calcium carbonate that are highly pure and free flowing in nature. Calcite powder is offered in various packaging option and are packed in a safe and efficient manner so that the calcite powder remains effective and pure till the end.

     Calcite is a natural calcium carbonate with extremely high whiteness, purity and free flowing in nature. It is widely used in thermoplastic application because of its compatibility with polymers and other organic additives.

     We people also doing coating on Calcite powder. We use coating of Steric Acid. The Coated Calcium Carbonate powder is used in plastic compounds manufacturing to avoid moisture contains.