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Cooling tiles for Roof, Floor & Ceiling

     SPARK COOL TILES is one of the leading manufacturers in south tamilnadu. We are having our own raw material mines and we people manually segregate the appropriate raw material from the mining material.

     Our tile gives cool atmosphere into your home. High stability and durability. Non- ceramic cool tiles. Our tile reflects 65% of the sunlight to protect and makes cool atmosphere into your home.

R & D Team

     Our ultimate goal is to making tile for reflecting sunlight, strong roof or floor and bright look. We are consuming 95% minerals instead of white cement and concrete binders. So that we can achieve the quality of the tile and solve the purpose of the product.

     Our team recommanded to making standard proposition of mixing elements based on SRI(Solar Reflectance Index), so that heat can reflected/reduced upto 90%.

Quality control

     We are having our quality control team to involve all stages of production from mineral segregation to final output. We people checkout the product by following criteria.

a. Heat resistance upto 300 degree celsius.
b. Weather resistance
c. Stability and durability check
d. Shape checking process
e. Brightness checking process
f. Solar reflecting check
g. Water proof check

Method of better to laying cooling roof tiles

1. Spread the brick masonary cement mortar mixture of 25mm thickness and lay the cooling tiles on top side.
2. Space between each tiles should 12mm from one to another.
3. To fill tile joints use our dolamatic adhesive 3 part and 1 part of white cement mix well as like brick masonary form and apply in to tile joints and make it surface.

Don't do

Don't use dry cement mortar for laying cooling tiles.