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Raw Petcoke

      Sparkguys trade petcoke using various carbon elements and petcoke's are used as fuel in several industries like Paper, Steel, Aluminum, Iron, Energy Generation, Glass, Rubber, Leather, Casting & Refractories. We are giving consistent supply to our valued customers. We are providing petcoke as best quality with nominal price, which is widely used as primary fuel for generating energy. Sparkguys suppling quality industrial petcoke that is used on large scale for various processes as it is capable of producing high amount of steam in comparison to some other fuels.

     Petcoke is over 90 percent carbon and emits 5 to 10 percent more carbon dioxide (CO2) than coal on a per-unit-of-energy basis when its burned. As petcoke has a higher energy content, petroleum coke has emits between 30 and 80 percent more CO2 than coal per unit of weight. The differences between Steam coal and Petroleum coke in CO2 production per unit energy produced are small and depend upon the moisture in the coal (increases the CO2 per unit energy -- Heat of combustion) and volatile hydrocarbon in coal and coke (decrease the CO2 per unit energy).

Petcoke Powder

     The Petroleum coke chunks are finely grinded into petcoke powder. We are using highend technology for grinding them in which there is no loss quality. petroleum coke powder is mixed with cement to make electromagnets, which is used by many of the leading industries for better production of their products as these act as a fuel that gives maximum heat with less amount of ash and plays an important role as a cost factor to all the other energy substitutes.

Petcoke Seived

     We are a leading enterprise offering the seived PetCoke in the market. The Highend Technology were used in the process of grinding or pulvarizing quality petcoke Chunks in order to produce seived Petcoke. The Raw Petcoke offered by us is made available in different size as required by our esteem clients. Refined quality Petcoke is made available at the nominal price to our clients across the nation.

Petcoke Specification

Moisture as received, % mass., max.
Total Sulphur, % mass., max.
1.25 (Grade A) 2.50 (Grade B)
Ash, % mass., max.
Volatile Matter, % mass, max
Fixed Carbon, % mass, min.
Calorific Value, kcal/kg